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Swedish Association for Family Therapy

Rules of the Swedish Association for Family Therapy

1. Name 

The name of the association shall be The Swedish Association for Family Therapy.

2 Objective 

The purpose and objective of the association is to work for the development of family therapy in Sweden by:

  • promoting and contributing to the development of theory and methodology as well as research within family therapy and its borderlands

  • promoting the spreading of scientific work by way of publications and conferences

  • representing family therapy interests in public contexts and actively pursuing issues concerning family therapy.

  • working for the spreading of and information about family therapy as a treatment method

  • promoting the contacts between family therapy activity in and outside Sweden.

  • working for the realization of Swedish and Nordic congresses supporting local family therapy associations.

  • working for the formation of local family therapy associations in areas where such associations are lacking.

3. Membership 

Membership is obtained by paying the fee adopted by the annual meeting. Whoever adopts the association's purposes and objectives may me a member.

Membership in a national association implies membership in a local family therapy association.

Provided that the local family therapy association so decides, each member of this association will automatically become member of the national association.

4. Representation 

The association's highest decision-making body is the Representative Assembly at the annual meeting. Each local family therapy association shall appoint a representative to the Representative Assembly as per each 50 members when submitting the latest annual report of each local association.

Each member is entitled to participate and express himself/herself at the annual meeting. Only the Representative Assembly is entitled to vote. Ordinary majority applies unless otherwise specified. In case of equal votes, the chairman of the meeting has the casting vote.

5. Fiscal year 

The association's fiscal year shall be 01.0730.06. The Board is entitled to shorten the fiscal year in order to facilitate an annual meeting in connection with Nordic congresses.

6. Annual meeting 

The annual meeting shall be held during the third quarter of the calendar year. The annual meeting may however be held at other points in time in the years when Nordic congresses are held. Summons shall be sent 4 weeks in advance by way of personal notice to members, containing the agenda, At the annual meeting, the following matters shall be discussed:

  • election of a Chairman to head the meeting

  • election of a Secretary and two persons to check the minutes

  • question of whether the annual meeting has been duly convened

  • presentation of the Directors' Report

  • presentation of the Audit Report

  • discharge from liability for the resigning Board

  • election of a new Board consisting of Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Educational secretary, Scientific secretary and other Board Members

  • election of two Auditors and Deputy Auditors election of an election committee comprising three persons adoption of budget and membership fee of the next coming fiscal year.

  • other motions submitted

  • other matters

7. Election committee 

To the annual meeting, the election committee nominates candidates to individual appointments on the Board as well as two Auditors and Deputy Auditors.

In addition, the election committee proposes representatives to be elected for the annual meeting.

8. The Board 

The Board shall consist of a representative of each local association having at least 25 members.

Each such local association shall appoint one candidate to be reported to the election committee. The representative shall be a Board Member of the local association.

The Board handles current matters between two annual meetings.

The Board is commissioned to publish the association's periodical.

The Board is a quorum with not less than half of the members present.

9. Term of office 

The Board's term of office shall be one year.

10. Firm 

Signatory is appointed by the Board.

11. Decision on alteration of rules or dissolution of the association shall be taken by two consecutive annual meetings with at least two-thirds majority.


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