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Swedish Association for Family Therapy


The Swedish Association for Family Therapy is a non-profit organization for people interested in the family therapy field. 

Our mission is to developing the field in Sweden by:

  • promoting and contributing to the development of theory and methodology as well as research within family therapy and its borderlands

  • promoting the spreading of scientific work by way of publications and conferences

  • representing family therapy interests in public contexts and actively pursuing issues concerning family therapy.

  • working for the spreading of and information about family therapy as a treatment method

  • promoting the contacts between family therapy activity in and outside Sweden.

  • working for the realization of Swedish and Nordic congresses. supporting local family therapy associations.

  • working for the formation of local family therapy associations in areas where such associations are lacking.

The association publishes a periodical four times a year.

All members receives the periodical. You get the periodical when you become a member of the association.  The association is organized in regions and you must sign up as a member of a specific region. See under regions.


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